Global Business Leaders aims to build a platform where students can learn and practice their leadership skills. GBL promotes a relaxed environment allowing our members to work on themselves and expand their horizons and gain the necessary skills to become world’s leaders.


One of our weekly activities in session

 Since the beginning, GBL has been very active in holding a variety of events such as BCC, BEC and SDC. Alongside these school level events and competitions, GBL has also organized Japan’s first and only National and International Case Competitions, JBCC and GBCC. 

1st (Offline) Self Development Camp Post- COVID 19

1st (Offline) Self Development Camp Post- COVID 19

Global Business Leaders

GBL (Hybrid) GALA 2021

Being a culturally diverse organization, GBL consists of students and alumni across the world. Thereby, one of GBL’s primary concerns is to foster friendships and good relations amongst its members. All GBL activities involve a significant degree of teamwork and inclusivity. However, with a mix of domestic Japanese members, international members, different backgrounds, and age, all GBL members strive to overcome any difficulties and develop team spirit and sense of belonging.

Business Case Challenge

GBL (Online)Business Case Challenge 2021

Our goal is to grow as individuals and as a team by facing challenges head-on and getting out of our comfort zones. Due to COVID-19 we have made sure to improvise our events to deliver the best possible experience to each and every member.
We believe in adapting to changes by creating activities events that challenges students to grow. Despite the pandemic, we were able to host 14 online events for the students of APU and 1 nationwide Business Case Challenge.

GBL past events and activities

  • IRitsumeikan APU's first Golf Tournament
  • IMulti-Cultural Fashion Show
  • IBusiness Debate Tournament
  • I2010 APEC summit held in Beppu
  • IAssisted Oita Tourism Association with proposals creation and documents translations
  • IManaged students to participate in international business case competitions
  • IProviding Business Case Training Program as a platform to train students for case competitions
  • IPartner of Global Business Case Challenge, Japan's first and only international business case competition
  • IPartner of Japan Business Case Challenge
  • IRitsumeikan APU's 1st ever online grand show, “APU’s Got Talent” for the Inclusion Week as part of the Center for Inclusive Leadership (CIL)