In the past, as a student organization, GBL held weekly activities for its members every Thursday. Weekly activities were held on-campus every week and later moved online due to Covid-19 related restrictions. This activity is currently on hold as GBL is undergoing a structural changes as a new corporate entity. 

The major objective of these weekly activities is to help our GBL members to help learn business skills through games and discussions. These weekly activities provide an environment for the members to hone their business skills and to create multicultural friendships.

Our weekly activities consist of several business-related activities such as teamwork building activities, Marketing and Entrepreneurial activities, Crisis-management activities, Analytical skills and advertising acumen related activities and so on. We also hold some activities that are mainly aimed at strengthening the bond between our members such as Games and Movie nights, Cooking together activities and so forth. Apart from these, weekly activities also include conduct activities where members can discuss and learn from the lectures given by GBL’s seniors and professors who are regularly invited to discuss and lecture on various themes.

Usually, all our weekly activities are conducted by one of our members who is interested in leading discussions or activities on a topic of their interests.

At the end of each activity, there is a reflection time where all our members are encouraged to talk about the activity, what they have learnt new etc. This enables everyone to share their opinions and learning, enabling an open discussion to allow mutual understandings. 

In short, through GBL’s weekly activities, members can learn what they need to be a global leader!

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